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Have the right Skills?



Career Seekers

Welcome Career Seeker to Dream Skills! Are you in searh for your next career move? Great, because we would like to help! We specialize in placing Military, Executives and Technical candidates (M.E.T.) into direct placement, high paying, career growth opportunities. However, we are not limited to M.E.T. we also thrive in other industries and open career positions!  Talk to one of our recruiters!



Have you ever worked with a recruiter and they never call you back even if its to say, "the client went with someone else?" Yeah, we've exeperienced that headache as well.  We now live in an age of information where we can get answers a lot faster than in the past. When we submit your resume to our clients we like to keep our career seekers in the loop with either a phone call, text message, email fax or even a message through social media! When we get updated so do you!

We provide solutions in direct hire placement for career focused individuals.


  • Direct Placement

Submit your resume to begin your job search today!

Click                     or send your resume to Once submitted one of our recruiters will contact you to advance with the process.

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